TAG’s Realtime Media Platform Receives AWS Foundational Technical Review Badge

TAG’s Realtime Media Platform Receives AWS Foundational Technical Review Badge

New York – May 1, 2024 – TAG Video Systems, the leader in software-based IP end-to-end workflow monitoring, deep probing, and real-time visualization, has announced that its Realtime Media Platform has successfully completed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR) and received the AWS FTR Badge. The FTR is a rigorous assessment conducted by AWS that evaluates solutions against AWS security, reliability, and operational best practices, outlined within the AWS Well-Architected framework.

The TAG platform underwent a detailed assessment across several pillars, including:

  • Security: Demonstrating strong encryption, comprehensive identity, access management, and robust logging.
  • Reliability:Highlighting scalability, redundancy, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery processes.
  • Operational Excellence:Showcasing effective monitoring, alerting, incident management, and continuous improvement practices.

“We’re incredibly proud to receive the AWS FTR badge, as it reinforces TAG’s commitment to providing secure, reliable, and technically superior solutions built on AWS,” said Golan Simani, Director of Cloud and Tech Operations at TAG. “This recognition showcases the strength of our platform and the exceptional capabilities it brings to cloud-based media workflows.”

The FTR badge provides customers with confidence that TAG’s platform adheres to AWS best practices and is well-positioned to support even the most demanding cloud media use cases. This includes low latency streamlined live production multiviewing and monitoring (Including remote operations) and reliable playout and delivery probing and monitoring, for both traditional delivery methods and OTT. TAG’s solution was evaluated per individual workflow and proved to be secure, reliable, and efficient running on AWS in all workflow environments.