FSR Brings First Flat Panel TV Project Boxes for 8” Block Walls to BICSI

FSR Brings First Flat Panel TV Project Boxes for 8” Block Walls to BICSI

Company also highlights other additions to Project Wall Box (PWB) family and Smart-Way Raceway

Las Vegas, NV – September 23, 2022 – FSR is bringing a combination of new, recently launched and legacy solutions to BICSI including the industry’s first dedicated flat panel TV project box engineered for installation in 8” block walls. Additional highlights in the FSR Booth # 510 include the Company’s award-winning Smart-Way Raceway system now featuring a wall unit, the PWB-320 – a member of FSR’s highly successful Project Wall Box (PWB) family, and its popular FL-400 Floor Box that incorporates everything you need in one unit.

FSR is also participating in “What’s New, What’s it Do” – a program designed to keep attendees on top of the latest and greatest products being showcased at BICSI via engaging, interactive presentations held in the BICSI WNWID Theater. FSR’s session will focus on the Smart-Way Wall Raceway.

BICSI, the professional association supporting the advancement of the information and communications technology (ICT), will hold its Fall Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas from September 25-29


PWB-CMU Family of Project Boxes and Components

The PWB-CMU8 is the first dedicated flat panel TV project box engineered for installation in 8” block walls, perfect for gymnasiums, auditoriums, stadiums, schools and numerous other masonry applications. The all metal CMU8 is designed to replace the front portion of one block and, with the optional paintable cover, provides an attractive surface with no visible jagged block edges.

Inside the box are two opposing 2-gang device boxes, providing space for power and low voltage devices. These compartments are convertible to a single gang for installing active brick receivers and accommodating standard electrical plates. The gang compartments are over-sized to allow for extra service loops and cable storage and with a depth of 3.25” for even the largest of the active electronic wall-plates.

PWB-CMU-HNGWHT: Hinged cover option

An additional cover option is also available for the PWB-CMU8 2-gang wall box that allows the cover of the box to be locked while providing cable access. Designed for left or right swing, the cover features a large, hinged door and two small, hinged door cable exits. A flat key lock and lockable ¼ turn latch is provided so cable ends can be housed internally behind a closed or locked door, protecting the cable and connectors from damage and barring unsightly protrusions into the space.

Smart-Way Raceway Family Featuring new Wall Unit

FSR’s Smart-Way Raceway is the most cost-effective and easiest way to get power, data and AV across the room to where it’s needed making it the intelligent choice for offices, conference rooms, collaborative work environments, or anywhere wire management is desired.

At BICSI, FSR is spotlighting the new Smart-Way Wall Raceway that provides the ability to transition from a floor to ceiling Raceway system. The Wall Unit consists of a ceiling flex conduit feed with soft edges for easy wiring and features floor to wall transition and new edging, Available in slate and aluminum, the Smart-Way Wall Raceway offers the same clean look as the floor version.

PWB-320 Wall Box and Fan

FSR is also showing the PWB-320, a member of the company’s widely popular Wall Box line of solutions. The PWB-320 is an economical, large open wall box designed to fit 16” on center stud bays and simplify audiovisual and IT installations by providing space for routing cables, AC connections, and digital media product mounting in 4” and 3” thick walls. The PWB-320 has up to 2” KO’s (PWB-323 up to 1¼”), flush cable-tie mounts, tri-use gang openings for AC/AV/IT applications, IPS mounting, and two optional adjustable locking shelves for mounting equipment.

The PWB-320 Wall Box Fan is a thermostat controlled variable speed fan. As the heat inside the wall box rises the speed of the fan increases, keeping equipment inside at a safe temperature.

FL-400 Floor Box with U-Access Hinged Cover  

The FL-400 provides everything you need in just one floor box! The unit incorporates innovation, quality, durability, and longevity and challenges the concept that only a specific floor box can accommodate a certain floor type. One premium 5-inch depth floor box can be installed in wood, concrete or raised access flooring with a cutting-edge design that allows for a fully divided 4-gang or semi-divided/undivided 5-gang internal configuration. Using this system, both high and low voltage configurations, along with compartment isolation, can be implemented “on the fly”.

FSR’s “Tool-less” u-access cover now features a hinged design allowing for smooth entry. The hinge provides an added ease of functionality, while the u-access handle makes access to connections a breeze. No more tooling around with hard to open floor box covers.

FSR is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of products for the Pro AV and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) markets. FSR manufactures its audio and video switching, control products, connectivity boxes and collaboration systems from headquarters in Woodland Park, NJ.