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As seen on SportsVideo.org: SVG Sit-Down: TAG V.S.’s Abe Zerbib on the Power of IP, Software-Only Systems for Sports Broadcasters

Since launching more than a decade ago, TAG Video Systems (TAG V.S.) has helped dramatically change the way media companies think about multivewing and monitoring operations. With a focus on IP, software-only solutions that work with off-the-shelf hardware, TAG V.S. developed a comprehensive “IP software-only monitoring multiviewer” platform, the company’s flagship MCM-9000, to serve both multiviewing and monitoring/alarm needs.

Read the full story here on SportsVideo.org: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2019/04/02/svg-sit-down-tag-v-s-s-abe-zerbib-on-the-power-of-ip-software-only-systems-for-sports-broadcasters/