BTF1-41 overcomes distance limitations and incorporates future-proof technology to eliminate obsolesence to target a vast range of aplications

Las Vegas, NV – (April 8, 2019, 2019) — Barnfind Technologies, the leader in fiber transport solutions, is introducing a frame that is revolutionizing system design by permitting the conversion, routing and distribution of 4K content. Barnfind USA, the USA-based support, service and sales arm of Barnfind Technologies, will be showcasing the new BarnOne BTF1-41 frame and demonstrating the its unique capabilities that include the ability to convert, distribute, transport and route SDI signals (up to 12G-SDI), HDMI 2.0 feeds, CCU/CAM signaling, KVM and Ethernet from one convenient and easy-to-operate package. The BTF1-41 is an ideal solution for a vast variety of applications in the broadcast arena including sports, telemedicine and government applications. 

The emergence of 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 (4,4,4) capture, processing and distribution systems are driving the production of content to levels never before imagined. But the increase  comes with significant signal transport limitations due to a facility’s size or the location of the control room relative to the studio.  Simply put, 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 signals do not travel well when transported over copper.  The new BTF1-41 frame empowers engineering and production professionals to easily overcome these distance limitations by combining conversion from copper to fiber and back to copper with distribution and routing of 32+ signals in a 1 RU package.  

The BTF1-41 will be shown in Booth SL 8630 at NAB 2019 alongside enhanced versions of the Company’s core BarnOne and BarnMini families that now offer more control options, advanced functionality and improved configuration capabilities. The improvements also reflect Barnfind’s commitment to green practices by packing numerous functions into one rack unit and keeping power consumption as low as possible. 

“We are thrilled to not only introduce the BFT1-41 frame to the American market at NAB, but also demonstrate our dedication to this key region by having the Barnfind USA team on hand,” says George Gonos, Barnfind USA VP. Marketing & Administration. “Both the new frame and the new company are strengthening Barnfind’s sales and service in the US and providing even more extraordinary support for customers.”



BTF1-41 Frame

Barnfind’s BTF1-41 Frame incorporates future-proof technology to address emerging formats such as 4K, HDMI 2.0 and IP, but also supports all legacy formats (including analog video) allowing facility designers and production engineers to utilize new and mature technology seamlessly and with practically no distance limitations. The results are a multi-functional, signal neutral fiber transport platform that widens system design capabilities while permitting system reconfiguration on-the-fly. 

The frame supports multi-viewer functions, signal processing and compression in addition to Barnfind’s traditional functionality. An optional mid-board section allows third-party vendor technology to be integrated into the platform, guaranteeing its longevity, plus functionality is upgraded constantly making it resistant to obsolescence. 

The multi-range / multi-format BTF1-41 is 12G capable, includes a 36 x 36 router, a built-in GPIO, Tally and UMD control.  The frame features BarnStudio, Barnfind’s control software, and also offers the same flexible third-party control as the existing BarnOne 3G system. 


Barnfind is highlighting the BarnMini-22, its newest BarnMini module and an extension of the series. BarnMini-22 follows in the footsteps of Barnfind’s popular BarnMini-02 and BarnMini-12, two models that are in use by demanding clients around the globe by the thousands.  BarnMini-22 offers full built-in management of re-clockers and signal control via BarnStudio. Barnfind is one of the very few manufacturers that offers a small unit with 2 x SFP for protocol agnostic signal conversion. 


The compact BarnMini-05 combines serial data RS422/RS485, 4 x GPI and 4 x GPO in one unit, controllable via an Ethernet/ SFP port. The unit can serve as an intelligent bridge between many third-party devices, for example transferring an RS422 signal or Tally between two locations. It can also control an external optical changeover switch (BarnMini-06) in a redundancy setup with easily set triggers. BarnStudio can be used to configure and monitor the BarnMini-05 with Barnfind’s BarnStudio control protocol.

BTF1-07-16 Frame

BarnOne BTF1-07-16 frame supports all signals and functions in one chassis with a built-in 32×32 router, 16 SFP ports and a 16-port fiber multiplexer. The unit can transmit eight 3G-SDI signals over WDM without loss of synchronization, allowing easy transport of 4K or even 8K uncompressed signals. Barnfind’s BarnOne frames and MUX units are now housed in metal casings for increased longevity, especially when used in the field where equipment is subjected to harsh elements and stressed to the limit.


Barnfind’s BarnStudio control protocol has added significant functionality via an integrated signal redundancy switch configurable for all BarnOne’s outputs. Regardless of signal format, bandwidth, optical or electrical, each output can be configured with “alternative” inputs and run parallel or individually. The switch controls signal presence, quality, status, and provides a complex, advanced redundancy system. Many high-end users are adopting BarnStudio as a primary source for control software as they become aware of the protocol’s upgraded functionality. Ember+ is the latest to join the long list of 3rd-party control protocol that is tightly integrated with BarnStudio.

About Barnfind:

Barnfind Technologies AS, headquartered in Sandefjord, Norway, manufactures a multi-function signal transportation platform that supports numerous signals in one frame, including common video, audio and telco formats such as KVM, SDTI, SDI to IP 2110, MADI, 4K 60p workflows, HDMI, DVI, CAM-CCU etc. In addition, there is a full router in the frame with re-clocking on all outputs (BNCs and SFPs), reference input, full redundancy and the capability to have integrated CWDM/DWDM multiplexing. Barnfind’s “no-cost” control software, BarnStudio, can be downloaded from the website. The platform is also compatible with many 3rd party control systems. Barnfind offers the world’s most sophisticated CAM-CCU solution capable of supporting 18 x CAM-CCUs on one single fiber with low jitter and latency. Barnfind is known as the Champion’s company; found in most sport Championships around the world.

Barnfind USA is the USA-based support, service and sales arm of Barnfind Technologies.

Barnfind is privately owned and has over 60 partners and resellers worldwide.

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