TAG V.S. Unveils Plans to Exhibit at VidTrans19

Los Angeles, CA – February 19, 2019 – TAG V.S., the international specialist in advanced IP monitoring and high-quality UHD Multiviewers, has unveiled plans to exhibit at the VidTrans19 Annual Conference & Exposition, an event focused on “Making IP Video Production a Reality”. The show, an ideal fit for TAG – a company that pioneered IP-based, software only systems, will be in Booth #33 at VidTrans19 which takes place on February 26 – 28, 2019 in LA.

VidTrans is sponsored by the Video Services Forum (VSF); an international association composed of service providers, users and manufacturers dedicated to interoperability, quality metrics and education for video networking technologies. This year’s conference will focus on innovative types of networking and video technologies and their application to video transport.

“VidTrans is a consistently successful and important event for us, but we’re even more excited about VidTrans19,” said Abe Zerbib, TAG CEO. “We are beyond thrilled to have Bil Apker, our new VP of Sales US representing us. TAG has recently experienced unparalleled growth in sales, size and geography and we’ve long looked forward to establishing a permanent presence in the US, an incredibly important region. We can’t wait to see what happens next!” 

At VidTrans19, TAG will demonstrate its ground-breaking MCM-9000 platform on a mosaic video display. The software only, all IP-based UHD Multiviewer and Monitoring system is uniquely optimized to address the new SMPTE ST-2110 standard in HD and UHD. Support of multiple formats: compressed, uncompressed and OTT (HLS and MPEG-DASH), all on the same platform, enables the MCM-9000 to adapt to the changing needs of the user without having to change equipment. And because the software and licenses remain the same as hardware is replaced, costs are minimized over the life span of the product. The MCM-9000 runs on COTS hardware, making it easy to implement and minimize the overall cost of initial ownership.

The MCM-9000 features extremely low latency of 2-frames, making it ideal for production and post production applications. It provides a complete monitoring solution for all the transmission layers of both uncompressed content and compressed MPEG-TS HLS/MPEG-DASH, starting from the TS packet header all the way down to the encoded video content and its quality.

Capable of high server density, the MCM-9000 can receive large quantities of uncompressed sources and display them on the same screen, creating and displaying more “tiles” and potentially reducing the number of monitors and interface devices for greater hardware efficiency. TAG’s implementation of uncompressed 12G UHD 2110-21 output – still the first of its kind in the industry – results in unmatched picture quality at the multiple UHD IP mosaic outputs. The outputs from the monitored services also feature rich data overlays with enhanced Tally and UMD support, that serve as a strong tool for real-time error detection, alerts, and production operations. 

The entire scalable solution is supplied on a Dongle equipped with a reliable and stable Linux kernel. The system boots directly from the provided flash, which requires no installation, no hard drive, or any type of Operating System on the server. The system also functions fully in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment with a VM image provided instead of a dongle.

About TAG V.S.

TAG V.S. specializes in innovative IP monitoring and high quality Multiviewer solutions. Its unique approach of a software only “all IP” system that runs on standard off the shelf hardware, provides state-of-the-art IP monitoring and analysis tools combined with a high quality UHD Multiviewer available on standard and mobile devices displays. A server-based platform provides products that are versatile and scalable, and support multiple formats including MPEG TS, Uncompressed and OTT. For more information: www.tagvs.com

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