Since 1994, Desert Moon Public Relations & Advertising – based just outside New York City, has brought results-oriented media relations, advertising, design, marketing and trade show services to manufacturers and service providers in all facets of the Broadcast and ProAV industries on a global scale. The agency has helped start-up, as well as industry leading companies gain traction and stay “top-of-mind” in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Our clients benefit from unrivaled reach and expertise, earned from decades of experience. We are proud to say that our agency is well respected by industry editors, journalists and publishers alike. Those long-term relationships foster consistent interactions that result in heightened awareness and coverage, greater name recognition, and industry awards. And of course, the most favorable advertising rates for our clients.

How We Work

Your company is unique. And we think we’re unique too. We strive to provide maximum exposure via an integrated strategy developed to meet your specific needs.

Our clients come first. We become part of your team and work tirelessly to learn your culture, products, services, and your company’s personality. Frequent communication will allow us to exploit our joint strengths and uncover new ideas that will strengthen your position in current, new and emerging markets and territories. Together we will determine where you want to be in the future. Then we’ll get you there. That’s how we work.

Succeeding in an evolving industry

As traditional broadcast shifts on its foundation, members of the industry must adjust with it. A dynamic PR /marketing /ad strategy supported by strong writing and design skills and a comprehensive understanding of the changing Broadcast and ProAV trade press enables us to deliver the content that journalists and editors need for today’s sophisticated audience across multi-faceted platforms.